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Shade cloth water permeable, quality brand Sunnysail. Model rectangle 3x4m or 4x5m, available in anthracite, orange or ivory (gone = gone!). Cooling and decorative. Excellent UV protection. Sit comfortably sheltered and protected from the sun!


With this water-permeable shade cloth from the quality brand Sunnysail you create the ideal shade on your terrace. Model rectangle, cloth type 230gr / m2 strongly knotted HDPE cloth available in 2 colors. This air and water permeable shade cloth is cooling. Due to the small holes in the cloth, it ventilates well, which lowers the temperature under the shade cloth. The wind sensitivity is therefore also less.

Equipped with double stitched edge finishing with reinforcement tape and stainless steel fastening rings on the corners, lightweight, easy to assemble yourself with supplied mounting instructions. This model from the Sunnysail brand has ‘custom-made quality +’, which means that it is produced in Europe and is better and finer stitched than other standard shade cloths from China.

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This shade cloth can be used for: terrace or roof terrace, veranda, conservatory, carport, children’s playground, camping, upstairs outside kitchen / bbq or swimming pool.

The product advantages of a Sunnysail shade cloth:

  • 5 year guarantee against UV degradation
  • Blocks up to 95% of UV radiation
  • Double stitched hem with reinforcement band
  • Stainless steel 316 triangle rings on the corners
  • Tear resistant
  • Weather resistant; 100% plastic, so rot and mold free
  • Easy cleaning
  • Suitable for hanging outside from March to September
  • Lightweight

“Floating in the blue sky, a shade cloth softens the intense sunlight and turns the heat into a pleasant temperature. In addition, a shade cloth gives an intimate atmosphere to your outdoor space ”

The assembly of a Sunnysail shade cloth is easy to do yourself

You attach the shade cloth to the facade and / or posts. A sturdy tree or anchored fence post can also serve as confirmation. The Sunnysail water-permeable shade cloth is easy to attach yourself with the supplied assembly instructions. View our clear installation instructions .

Fixing material available separately. View our complete sets of fasteners .

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Antraciet, Oranje, Ivoor


3x4m, 4x5m